Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

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Child Mentor
Child Mentors
Offer an opportunity to enhance socialization skills & examine personal interests as well as helping teach older adolescents the basic skills to function as an independent, self-sufficient adult.
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Parent Mentor
Parent Mentors
Help the parent become involved in activities to reduce isolation & establish support systems that are healthy & reliable. They help teach new skills & prevent future incidents of abuse or neglect.
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For more information about our mentoring program please contact:

Lisa Kopczinsky 

Volunteer Coordinator
Wayne County Children Services
(330) 345-5340 ext. 2379

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What volunteering position are you interested in?

Volunteer applications are processed during the months of February through September. Please don’t find this discouraging. Our Christmas ‘Make a Wish’ program takes a lot of coordination and impacts our time with insuring that all children have a bright holiday. We will gladly review applications we receive from October 1 through January 31 beginning the month of February.

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