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Kinship Services

Kinship Services

Wayne County Children Services (WCCS) places a high priority and seeks to keep children with family members when it is necessary to temporarily remove a child from their parent’s care. WCCS takes the following steps to locate kin:

A caseworker will interview both parents at the time the child is removed from the parent’s care. The agency will seek to place the child in a home that the child and the parent feel comfortable with and provides the least amount of trauma in this difficult situation. The relative is then asked to participate in background checks and a home study for the safety of the child prior to being transitioned to the relative’s home. If this home is not found suitable, the agency will continue seeking relatives for the child during the time that the child is in the agency’s care.

WCCS currently uses ACCURINT as a tool to search for family members. WCCS has also sent staff members to training specifically focused on efforts of Family Finding.


If you are a relative that is seeking to care for a child that is in the custody of Wayne County Children Services, please call 330-345-5340 and ask to speak to someone in the Placement Department.