Independent Living & Young Adult Services

Independent Living Services

Any youth 16 and older in the agency’s custody will receive Independent Living (IL) services. If a youth is in the agency’s custody when they turn 18, or is between the ages of 18-21, and meet specific criteria, they are eligible to receive Young Adult Services (YAS).

Independent Living

Independent Living and Young Adult Classes are held every Summer. 

Young Adult Services

Young Adult Services (YAS) may include assistance in making referrals for necessary services or having more ongoing involvement with a WCCSB case worker. Please contact the YAS case worker at WCCSB to determine what services are right for you. You will be required to sign a Post-18 Agreement if you wish to work voluntarily with WCCSB.


Services available for Young Adult Services (YAS):

  • Academic support / Post-secondary educational support and financial assistance
  • Career Preparation
  • Employment/Vocational Assistance
  • Budgetary and Financial Assistance
  • Housing and Home Management
  • Health Education
  • Mentoring
  • Room and Board Financial Assistance

If you would like additional information about the Independent Living and Young Adult Services program, please call Wayne County Children Services and ask for an IL or YAS caseworker.