Child Mentors

We need YOU!  Offer the child/teen an opportunity to enhance her/his socialization skills and examine personal interests as well as helping teach older adolescents the basic skills to function as an independent, self-sufficient adult.

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Parent Mentors

Help a family under stress! Help the parent become involved in activities to reduce isolation and establish support systems that are healthy and reliable.  They help teach parents new skills and prevent future incidents of abuse or neglect.

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Closet of Hope

The purpose of the Closet of Hope is to provide children that are taken into foster care with a backpack that contains a three day supply of clothing and a blanket for comfort, as well as toiletries, diapers, school supplies and personal items, if needed. Read More...


Assist children in their learning process in studies such as math, science, and reading comprehension. Most abused and neglected children are behind in school and would benefit from one-to-one tutoring!

Special Projects

Some activities may include the Tot Stop and Tag station at the Wayne County Fair; escorting children to special events; participating in holiday parties; completing minor office tasks, like folding pamphlets; or assisting families with short-term budgeting issues.

Christmas Project

The Christmas 'Make A Wish' program lasts about five months. It begins by having volunteers solicit gifts of food, clothing and toys from area sponsors. One then shops for the remaining wishes with contributions, wrap and distribute such items to needy families during the holidays. This all begins in September and lasts well into January. Read More...

Inquire about Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteer applications are processed during the months of February thru September.  Please don’t find this discouraging.  Our Christmas ‘Make a Wish’ program takes a lot of coordination and impacts our time with insuring that all children have a bright holiday.  We will gladly review applications we receive from October 1 through January 31 beginning the month of February.