Owen is 12 years old.

Owen is a quiet young man who loves many different things about life. Own is fascinated by weather. Owen loves The Hulk, games such as Sorry, Go Fish and Uno. He enjoys outdoor activities such as running and swimming as well as food. Owen’s favorite foods include chocolate, french-fries and hamburgers, but you can’t forget ketchup; Owen loves ketchup with his fries along with Sprite to drink. School is a place Owen looks forward to going and enjoys learning.

Owen is a shy individual with cognitive delays and often struggles expressing his emotions verbally, but he has a bright future with the right family that is able to love, care for and encourage Owen to break out of his shell and show the world what he has to offer.


For more information about providing Owen with a permanent adoptive home contact Peyton Nussbaum at (330) 345-5340 ext. 2216 or Peyton.Nussbaum@jfs.ohio.gov.