Matthew is a happy, well-mannered 11-year-old boy.

Matthew loves the outdoors, games and mysteries. Matthew has an eye for architecture as he notices different designs, shapes and styles of buildings. Matthew is a positive thinker who always finds the good in every situation even if it’s making you feel better about losing to him at connect-four 9 times in a row. He loves strategy games, puzzles and problem solving in life and games he plays.

Matthew especially enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking’s, biking and climbing. Matthew enjoys exploring and discovering new things.

Matthew wishes to be part of a family with siblings, specifically a brother. Matthew will be a positive addition to any family as he is a kind, thoughtful and silly young man.


Call Peyton Nussbaum at Wayne County Children Services Phone: 330.345.5340 ext. 2216 or email at