Mason is a wonderful 13-year-old boy who wishes for a family of his own.  Mason is compassionate, quirky and easy-going.  Mason speaks his mind in a way that portrays how much he cares about the people around him.  Mason is observant and intuitive.  He wants everyone around him to be happy. Mason is a wonderful kid and will bring joy and laughter to any family.


Mason LOVES video games, playing outside and socializing. Mason’s favorite place to eat is McDonald's.  He claims he could eat a Big Mac every single day.  Mason enjoys going to the movies, riding his bike and talking on the phone.  Mason goes with the flow, isn’t afraid to try new things and enjoys quality time with people.  Mason has such a big heart and cares so deeply, he would be a special addition to a loving family.


Please direct all inquiries and/or questions about Mason to:

Peyton Nussbaum - - (330) 345-5340 ext. 2216


Melissa Leach - - (330) 345-5340 ext. 2207