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Adoptable Children

Adoptable Children

Waiting for a Family

How long should a child wait for a family? Try to imagine for a moment what it would feel like to know that you can never go home again. . . Will you find a new family that will love and care for you, and open its heart and home to you? These children are waiting for such a family - A family like yours to give them the love, stability and permanence all children deserve.

Read the child's biography and contact Wayne County Children Services to learn more about adopting. Adoption subsidies may be available. These children can't wait forever, so please contact us today.

Adoptable Children
MASON   Mason loves anything to do with cars, trucks, airplanes, and helicopters!  He wants to work in a fire station or be a fire fighter when he grows up!    Mason also loves to fish, swim, ride his bike and play board games with others.    He is 14 years old but “child-like” for his age.  He has a sweet disposition and…
MATTHEW Is a smart and fun 13 year-old boy with a great sense of humor and sense of adventure who wants to become part of an active family.  He loves being outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, sledding, soccer and basketball …etc.  But he also enjoys card/board games and video and math games. Matthew does well in…
Hanna Is a very sweet and friendly 13 year old girl who loves horses and other animals.  She also loves to do her hair and nails and making jewelry.  She would love to be active and do fun things with her adoptive family.    Hanna has done a lot of work preparing for adoption. She wants to have close relationships with her…

"My husband and I decided to become foster to adopt parents as our way to build the family we always wanted. Over the last few years the positive effect our love, compassion and time has helped our foster children grow, develop and make gains that will be with them as they continue on in their lives, even when they return to their biological family. We know we have chosen the right path whether we gain the family we always wanted or just continue to be there for these children when they come to us. We have also discovered there is always room for one more." - WCCS Foster Parent